Prof. Dr. Thomas Glatte


 … of my books, papers and articles is certainly possible. All publications are listed in Google Scholar.

Access to papers & articles

All papers that can be publicly made available, are accessible via the common research platforms Mendeley and Researchgate. If you cannot find the respective paper there, please approach me directly.

Access to books

I am grateful to Springer Vieweg for providing me the opportunity to publish my books in a very professional and supportive environment. You can purchase my books at any online or traditional book store. Both books can be bought as paperback, PDF eBook or Kindle versions. 

You may also approach directly Springer via their online bookstore Springerlink and buy your personal copy (paperback and PDF eBook) there. You may click at the book covers below to access the Springerlink store directly.

All books are listed in the German National Library

Published 2021:

Glatte, Thomas 

Corporate Real Estate Management (English). 

Springer Vieweg, Wiesbaden. 

ISBN 978-3-658-32222-9

Published in 2019:

Glatte, Thomas 

Corporate Real Estate Management (German).

Springer Vieweg, Wiesbaden. 

ISBN 978-3-658-26860-2

Published in 2017:

Glatte, Thomas

Kompendium Standortstrategien für Unternehmensimmobilien - Die Standortplanung als Teil der internationalen Unternehmensführung. 

Springer Vieweg, Wiesbaden. 

ISBN 978-3-658-12156-3

Published in 2014:

Glatte, Thomas

Entwicklung betrieblicher Immobilien - Beschaffung und Verwertung von Immobilien im Corporate Real Estate Management. 

Springer Vieweg, Wiesbaden. 

ISBN 978-3-658-05686-5