Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Glatte


… myself is not so easy with just a few words.

Photo: My great-great-grandfather Friedrich Schöche (front row, far right) and my great-grandfather Reinhold Schöche (2nd row, second from left) in a group photo made in 1904 in memory of the renovation of the church of Taura, Saxony. 


Grown up in the city of Dresden, I am coming from a family with a history of 200+ years in the construction and building industry. With such a background, I had really no other choice than following my ancestors footsteps. After an apprenticeship as a building worker, I studied civil engineering and quantity surveying at the universities of Cottbus, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Dresden. In 1996, I graduated as a civil engineer from TU Dresden University of Technology, Germany, and received 2011 my PhD in engineering at the same institute. I am also holding postgraduate degrees in building law and real estate economics. 

In 1996, I have started my professional career as a project engineer at construction sites in Thailand and India with Philipp Holzmann AG, the leading German construction company of those days. Subsequently, I have led numerous property projects in Asia-Pacific for BASF, the world's leading chemical company. A significant part of that time I stayed in Hongkong, a city which I still consider as my second hometown. With my return to Germany in 2005, the reach of my responsibility scope became global. Since 2008, I am BASF's globally responsible Director for Group Real Estate & Facility Management. 

It goes back to the year 2003, when I started to support academic institutions as a lecturer. Over the years I have contributed with presentations, lectures and workshops in several leading German institutions such as TU Berlin, TU Dresden/ EIPOS Dresden, University of Regensburg/ IREBS Immobilienakademie and University of Stuttgart. There, my main teaching topics have been strategic and corporate real estate management, property development and location strategies. As of September 2019, I have commenced my work as Adjunct Professor of Real Estate at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Heidelberg, Germany.

Over the years, I have also published a number of articles and peer-reviewed academic papers on a wider range of real estate aspects. Meanwhile three books (in German language) on property development, corporate location strategies and des essentials of corporate real estate management have followed.

Additionally, I am supporting various start-up initiatives in the fields of real estate, collaborative work environment and digitalisation. Concurrently, my focus activity is with 1000 satellites - a venture of Chemovator GmbH, Mannheim. As a person that loves international real estate investments, I am also engaged in various financing and property development projects in Turkey driven by Swiss Capital Bosphorus Properties A.S., Istanbul, a company where I also serve as a member of the Board of Directors.

Finally, I have served from 2008 until 2017 as Chapter Chair and President to the Central Europe Chapter of CoreNet Global, the international association for corporate real estate managers. Beyond that, I am still supporting CoreNet Global's Central Europe Chapter and other initiatives in various areas.

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Photo: Speaking 2014 at a SVIT conference in Horgen/ Switzerland.